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By Hannah Cairns  //  Tue 17 Jan 2023

As mobile gaming continues to grow in popularity, with the number of gamers reaching 3.2 billion in 2021*, LoopMe is monitoring consumer sentiment in our UK, US and SG pulse report.

Using ...

By Lynne Barcoe - Co-founder Humanise  //  Tue 8 Nov 2022

By Tori McBride - Fifty Technology  //  Wed 2 Mar 2022

Fifty Technology has achieved IAB’s Gold Standard 2.0 Certification.

Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Mon 23 Nov 2020

Really proud that the briefing service was utilised by Weetabix to search for new ideas leading to this excellent partn...

Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Fri 10 Jan 2020

Before Christmas we were really pleased to take a trip to the glitzy Football Business Awards 2019 where we had a fantastic evening of appreciation for the role of business in football and the impa...

By Sky Media  //  Mon 15 Jul 2019

From 3rd July 2019, Sky Media will rollout Sky Analytics to both media agencies and advertisers, opening-up direct access to plan, report and evaluate elements of their TV campaigns for the first t...

CEO, GetMyFirstJob
By David Allison  //  Fri 27 Oct 2017
GetMyFirstJob has just enjoyed a bumper 2017, reaching over 360,000 young people registered on the site and engaging with over 100,000 young people every month. In addition, on behalf of our training ...

By Blackjack Promotions  //  Tue 17 Oct 2017
The space beyond airport customs and security checks is a foreign land for many brands and retailers, says Fiona Tindall, Head of Domestic Retail, Blackjack Promotions

By Blackjack Promotions  //  Wed 23 Aug 2017
Retailers and brand operating in the travel retail space need to understand how the airport audience changes as time progresses and tailor their product offering and marketing accordingly, says Fiona ...

Outdoor specialists
By Admedia  //  Fri 18 Aug 2017
Due to phenomenal success, leading Out of Home media owner, Admedia, have announced the expansion of Admedia Nexus - the first large format landscape digital network to connect the UK's top 20 conurba...

By HeadBox  //  Tue 13 Jun 2017

The world of marketing is forever changing. Keeping up with social media, SEO copywriting and content marketing is a full time j...

By Simon Russell  //  Fri 4 Sep 2015

What was your first job?

Shop Assistant at Our Price

First media job – Planner/Buyer @ Carat Business

By Toucan  //  Thu 16 Jul 2015
On the evening of 8th July, a 24-hour tube strike hit London, causing chaos for thousands of commuters who may not have been lucky e...

By Toucan  //  Sat 20 Jun 2015
Heading to Wembley, along with over 20,000 others in a white T-shirt, early on a Sunday morning, you may be forgiven in thinking that there was an important sports play off scheduled. Not so.

By TAN Media  //  Thu 11 Jun 2015
Marketers are at long last waking up to the fact that there is no such being as 'woman' and that taking a homogenous approach to the female of the species is not just plain insulting, but extremely po...

By Toucan  //  Wed 10 Jun 2015

Or do they? Picture the scene: a dingy basement with a group of people and animals playing roulette with a bag or corn chips. ...

By Jonathan Harman  //  Wed 3 Jun 2015
It's official. Mail works. Research proves it gets opened, read, kept, even pinned to the wall. "But does it make money Jonathan?" you ask. "If someone opens a mailer, will they also open their wallet...

By Rupert Staines   //  Thu 23 Apr 2015
"I've just woken up, was it a dream?!" said the text message from a friend in Australia as I wobbled down the King's Road back on 22nd November, 2003. I was still out celebrating Engl...

By Jonathan Harman  //  Mon 30 Mar 2015

Advertising Week Europe is drawing to a close and I've enjoyed being part of numerous stimulating and engaging conversations.

{Read More}

By Laura Thomas  //  Thu 5 Mar 2015

What was your first job?

Washing up in the local pub. 

What made you want to pursue a career in this industry?

By Laura Thomas  //  Tue 10 Feb 2015
What was your first job? 
I was a chalet maid in a ski resort in the French Alps, one of the first men to do the job, some of the male guests were a bit disappointed when ...

By Laura Thomas  //  Tue 6 Jan 2015
Headline Marketing provide branded props for TV and Film.

1. What was your first job?
Audio-visual technician in a sports centre.


By Laura Thomas  //  Tue 18 Nov 2014

What was your first job?

Helping out my chef Dad in various kitchens – even at an early age it taught me the importance of teamw...

By Laura Thomas  //  Mon 20 Oct 2014

What was your first job?

My first sales job was in telesales at The Independent. Headset, notepad, call rates – old skool.

How did you get ...

By Lee Porte  //  Tue 2 Sep 2014
What was your first job?
I was a Brand Manager at a very traditional food importer called G.Costa & Co, working on everything from Swedish crispbread to tinned frogs legs, ...

Kelsey Martin
By Kelsey Martin  //  Mon 28 Jul 2014
Vanessa Andreis tells us about the next thing in Entertainment Brand Partnerships and how she got into the industry.

What was your first job?


By Lee Porte  //  Tue 22 Jul 2014
Brands need to invest directly into artist talent and reward the fans, instead of just sticking a brand in a campaign, writes Rupert Vereker, chief executive and founder of Sonic Media Group.

By Allan Williams  //  Tue 15 Jul 2014
Smart watches aren’t anything new, they’ve been around as early as 1999, with devices such as the Fossil Wrist PDA smart watch that ran on Palm OS. The smartwatch has seen a bit of a resur...
The Singleton Consultancy
By Sean Singleton  //  Tue 8 Jul 2014
Last Thursday I attended an interesting event entitled The Art of Strategy organised by Digital Doughnut. Graham Ruddick, Digital Doughnut’s top cheese, was the compere for the night and as...
Emma Caswell
By Emma Caswell  //  Tue 24 Jun 2014

Shakespeare, watch out – we’re catching up with you!

Now we’re sure a lot of you probably saw this awesome examination of hip-hop vocabulary by...

By Alexandra Gold  //  Mon 23 Jun 2014

Paul Phillips TT & Motorsport Development Manager on growing up with motorcycle racing, relying on his...

By Alexandra Gold  //  Tue 29 Apr 2014
Jeremy Greaves, Managing Director, Strategycom on starting his working life in the Scotch Egg business, Audi v BMW and sitting on the side of a mountain in Greece.

By Alexandra Gold  //  Tue 25 Feb 2014

Leshia Hawkins, Business Development Manager, England & Wales Cricket Board

Kelsey Martin
By Kelsey Martin  //  Tue 4 Feb 2014

Carl Daruvalla, Director of Strategy & Insight, BAM Agency tells us how the student media landscape is changin...
Kelsey Martin
By Kelsey Martin  //  Mon 27 Jan 2014
Bridge Fazio, Senior Designer/Creative Director on the trend towards 'less is more' in design and the buzz of working on creatives for high pr...
Interview: Bridge Fazio, Senior Designer / Creative Director
Guest blogger
By guest blogger  //  Fri 24 Jan 2014
Katie Norwood, Digital Marketing Executive at London Creative shares insight on e-newsletter optimisation for mobile. 

How to optimise your e-newsletter for mobile
Kelsey Martin
By Kelsey Martin  //  Mon 20 Jan 2014
Thomas Drewry on the evolution of Bluffer's Media, the importance of content and the next big thing in media. Pleas...
Thomas Drewry
Guest blogger
By guest blogger  //  Wed 15 Jan 2014
Katie Norwood, Digital Marketing Executive at London Creative, discusses The New York Times first ever promoted post and what native adver...
2014: The year native ads go mainstream
Kelsey Martin
By Kelsey Martin  //  Mon 13 Jan 2014
Matthew Herbert, Head of Client Service, Astus tells us how media barter provides a unique commercial benefit for companies, what his favou...
Matthew Herbert Astus
Kelsey Martin
By Kelsey Martin  //  Mon 6 Jan 2014

Chris Meechan, Marketing Manager at British Gas, tells us about how Glasgow winning the City of Culture Award inspired him to get into Marketing and the lessons learnt from the #Ask...

British Gas, Chris Meechan
Guest blogger
By guest blogger  //  Fri 20 Dec 2013
Chris Jefford, founder/strategy director at Hometown, discusses what he believes to be the five things that marketers will need to know about consumers in 2014.

1.{Read More}
Hometown London
Kelsey Martin
By Kelsey Martin  //  Tue 17 Dec 2013
Over the last month we’ve seen some great presentations from our media owners: Social Soup, Uni Car Ads and ebay. We learnt about 'soupers,' advertising to students and brand switches. 
Matt Beech Account Director at smp - Creative Marketing Agency
By Matt Beech  //  Fri 13 Dec 2013
As brands and marketers look ahead to next year, Matt Beech, Account Director, smp, imparts words of wisdom to those brands thinking about being a part of the Festival experience 2014.
smp blog
The Singleton Consultancy
By Sean Singleton  //  Wed 11 Dec 2013
Borne out of the start-up scene in Silicon Valley, 'growth hacking' is a set of tactics and best practices that deal with the issue of online user growth, namely, by growing it, says Sean Si...
Growth Hacking
Kelsey Martin
By Kelsey Martin  //  Mon 9 Dec 2013
Gillian Power, Marketing Manager - EMEA CNN International on how Piers Morgan has helped to raise CNN's profile in the UK, Christian Bailey's work...
An interview with... Gillian Power, Marketing Manager - EMEA CNN International
Sharyn Smith -  Founder and CEO of Social Soup
By Sharyn Smith  //  Fri 22 Nov 2013
Sharyn Smith, of Social Soup returns with a recap of this year's WOMMA summit.  She shares the best bits from day two and three, des...
WOMMA part 2: The power of community
Sharyn Smith -  Founder and CEO of Social Soup
By Sharyn Smith  //  Thu 21 Nov 2013
Between 18-20 November, Sharyn Smith, Director and founder of The Influence Group and CEO of
Sharyn Smith

By Simon Redican  //  Fri 15 Nov 2013

Brands using radio for their advertising get nearly eight times the return on investment (ROI), according to a first-ever analysis of confidential cross-agency data. Data was collected from the wor...

Peter Mcneile
By Peter McNeile  //  Tue 22 Oct 2013

At this time of year, in the run-up to the start of the Jump Racing season, I become inundated with calls and emails from existing and...

The Singleton Consultancy
By Sean Singleton  //  Mon 7 Oct 2013
A new discipline has recently emerged from Silicon Valley’s start-up culture called Growth Hacking. Yes we love a new buzz word in marketing - But what is Growth Hacking?

Peter Mcneile
By Peter McNeile  //  Wed 25 Sep 2013

Late summer and early autumn are a busy time despite the holiday season.  The number of inbound enquiries rises exponentially as marketers seek to finalise their ...

Cheltenham Race Course
Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Wed 14 Aug 2013
It can be easy to assume that students as a demographic have limited purchasing power, especially in this day and age where many are struggling to find the funds to study in the first place.

Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Wed 17 Jul 2013
Sports sponsorship has always had glamorous appeal – which brand doesn’t want to increase its status by being linked to competitiveness, action and success? But of course for all the high ...

Karen Stacey
By Karen Stacey  //  Tue 9 Jul 2013
At Bauer Media we firmly believe in the mantra that audiences drive content. Audiences engage with our brands and regularly connect with them through conversations sparked by their own interests. The...
Karen Stacey
Frances Dickens, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Astus
By Frances Dickens  //  Tue 28 May 2013
Media barter is coming of age with a growing number of companies from SMEs to large corporates integrating it into their business processes.  As Astus UK, the UK’s largest media barter comp...
Andy Sutherden
By Andy Sutherden  //  Thu 23 May 2013
It is true that until recent times, any PR agency that dared venture ‘what if (this goes horribly wrong)?’ to the client was at best considered something of the grim reaper and at worst fi...
Why brands now approach sports sponsorship with caution
Matt Beech Account Director at smp - Creative Marketing Agency
By Matt Beech  //  Thu 16 May 2013
It seems like you can’t go into a supermarket these days without something being given away for free, but what do brands really get out of this?

On the surface seeing sales uplifts of...
The real role of in-store experiential and how to maximise success
Stuart Bryan
By Stuart Bryan  //  Wed 15 May 2013
It’s said that of most appeal to an advertiser is the ability to target. Key to the developmental process of creating a TV advertising campaign is the minimization of wastage and the maximizatio...
A local outlook on the future of TV advertising
Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Wed 15 May 2013
Sponsorship was once viewed as something of a badging opportunity, in partic...
Sponsorship – how the nature of the game is changing
Peter Mcneile
By Peter McNeile  //  Fri 10 May 2013
It’s nearly thirty years since the term “guerrilla marketing” was first coined, and tactics have changed since then.  Today, flashmobs are filmed and broadcast on TV as adver...

Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Fri 3 May 2013
On Thursday 2nd May, nearly 1,400 sport industry leaders came together to celebrate one of the most momentous sporting years in recent times. One of the highlights of the 2012 Sport Industry Awards, t...
Hill + Knowlton win sports agency of the year award 2012
Matt Beech Account Director at smp - Creative Marketing Agency
By Matt Beech  //  Thu 18 Apr 2013
Historically, the convenience sector has been a tricky area for brands to drive sales, but as the sector has started to become modernised and with changing trends in grocery shopping, the sector has o...

Thomas Hughes
By Thomas Hughes  //  Wed 17 Apr 2013
Whilst some advertisers in the UK have woken up to the opportunity that targeting ethnic minorities represents, the majority seem not to have. So the question is, with the staggering growth in minorit...
Sally Durcan, Director of Hotcow Experiential Agency blog
By Sally Durcan  //  Mon 25 Mar 2013
With consumers growing skeptical about the ways that brands are marketing to them, live experiences will ensure that your marketing efforts don’t fade into the background.

The mai...
Building customer relationship through experiential marketing Sally Durcan Hotcow Blog
Matt Beech Account Director at smp - Creative Marketing Agency
By Matt Beech  //  Mon 18 Mar 2013
Experiential marketing has been on a journey in recent years. In the past a good brand experience was seen as ‘enough’ by m...
Matt Beech, Account Director at smp - Creative Marketing Agency, blogger on
Richard Ardley, Insight Director
By Richard Ardley  //  Tue 12 Mar 2013
To celebrate its centenary, the Periodical Publishers Association (PPA) has launched a competition to seek out the magazine cover of the century. 
Richard Ardley, Insight Director, - blog
Sally Durcan, Director of Hotcow Experiential Agency blog
By Sally Durcan  //  Fri 8 Mar 2013

In order to move away from normality, you have to make a concious effort to make your brand remarkable. You can’t...

It's time to escape the norm Sally Durcan Hotcow blog
Gina Rembe, Researcher Contagious blog
By Gina Rembe  //  Wed 6 Mar 2013
Director of Communications for Airbnb Chris Lukezic will be speaking at the upcoming {Read More}

Matt Beech Account Director at smp - Creative Marketing Agency
By Matt Beech  //  Tue 5 Mar 2013

Measuring the success of any specific marketing communications channel in isolation is tough to say the least, but there’s at least one type of measurement that h...

Matt Beech, Account Director at smp - Creative Marketing Agency, blogger on
Simon Orpin, Managing Director of Operations,
By Simon Orpin  //  Wed 13 Feb 2013
Without doubt, 2012 was a glittering year for major events, both sporting and otherwise (thanks to the Queen), so you could be forgiven for feeling that 2013 looks a lit... blog, Simon Orpin, Why 2013 is by no means the year of ‘non-events’
Sally Durcan, Director of Hotcow Experiential Agency blog
By Sally Durcan  //  Thu 31 Jan 2013
It’s 3pm. The concept has been finalised and thankfully, the client has bought into your ideas & overall strategy.

All that is left are the details and, as many would remind u...
 Experiential location finding - why common sense, makes no sense Sally Ducan
Julie Roberts, Senior Account Manager, Multiply
By Julie Roberts  //  Mon 14 Jan 2013
Turning everything inside out…
As we start a new year most of us are busying planning activity and securing budgets for the rest of 2013. But take a moment to consider ...

Martin Shellaker Director at SMP - Creative Marketing Agency
By Martin Shellaker  //  Fri 21 Dec 2012
It never ceases to amaze me that despite the countless volumes of research highlighting that 70% (or more, depending on which research you read) of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale tha...
Creating a win, win, win situation in retail really is possible, Martin Shellaker
Wahida Ashiq Founder of GB Mag Getmemedia blog
By Wahida Ashiq  //  Tue 11 Dec 2012
In an economic downturn businesses, whatever their size, need to be more flexible and entrepreneurial when it comes to seeking out customers. That often means looking further afield and making their p...
Niche consumers can help brands ride the economic downturn, Wahida Ashiq
Martin Shellaker Director at SMP - Creative Marketing Agency
By Martin Shellaker  //  Mon 10 Dec 2012
Historically marketing communications campaigns, at least creatively, have always been led by advertising agencies where typically the solution is a 30 second movie extolling the virtues of the brand....
The power of promotional marketing, Martin Shellaker
Sally Durcan, Director of Hotcow Experiential Agency blog
By Sally Durcan  //  Fri 7 Dec 2012
In today’s cluttered marketing landscape, producing a live campaign is a bold, daring move, that can make your brand shine out amongst competitors. As one of the most innovative and unique eleme...
The importance of creativity, Sally Durcan
Claire Wright Strategy Consultant at Radio Advertising Bureau Blogger on
By Claire Wright  //  Thu 6 Dec 2012
In 1979 we were told that video killed the radio star. However the subsequent boom in commercial radio across the 90’s proved that the Buggles didn’t know everything. Hundreds of new stati...
 Why music streaming won’t kill the radio star Claire Wright
Sally Durcan, Director of Hotcow Experiential Agency blog
By Sally Durcan  //  Mon 26 Nov 2012
On average, people are being bombarded with over 10,000 visual advertising and promotional messages per day. While 80% of marketing campaigns are simply vis-ual, how do you know if your message is get...
How to trigger emotions in experiential marketing Sally Durcan
Martin Shellaker Director at SMP - Creative Marketing Agency
By Martin Shellaker  //  Thu 22 Nov 2012
A recent article on IGD Analysis highlights that "retailers are no longer adopting a ‘me too‘ approach in private label development. Increasingly, they are bringing innovative product conc...
Retailers renewed passion for private label is a good thing
Ruben Pillai, Blackjack Promotions
By Ruben Pillai  //  Tue 20 Nov 2012
In late October, American Apparel found itself fighting a Twitter backlash after it used the site to promote a ‘Sandy sale’ at those directly affected by the hurricane that left parts of t...
Managing a social media crisis – The do’s and don’ts
Simon Orpin, Managing Director of Operations,
By Simon Orpin  //  Tue 6 Nov 2012
Last month, Lord Sugar spoke candidly about his vision for the future of the TV industry at an exclusive event in London co-organised by marketing ideas agency, Getmemedia and ISBA. During his speech ...
On-demand versus in-demand content
Sally Durcan, Director of Hotcow Experiential Agency blog
By Sally Durcan  //  Mon 29 Oct 2012
Brands are wising up to the fact that getting their product in the hands of consumers is critical to business growth. Everyone loves a free sample, however, new insights from Hotcow’s shopper su...
The Truth Behind Brilliant Sampling Campaigns, Sally Durcan
Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Fri 14 Sep 2012
‘Traditional marketing channels are dead’. This is the cry that we hear repeatedly from digital evangelists, who tell us that our more established channels of communication are being swa...
Old Spice, Pete Davis
Richard Ardley, Insight Director
By Richard Ardley  //  Thu 1 Mar 2012

Even with the growing complexity of marketing, teams are still often expected to learn on the job, yet this is not the most efficient way and it can lead to costly mistakes. Most marketing man...
Banana skin shoe, Richard Ardley
Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Tue 21 Feb 2012

I was considering the CBS / TfL affair, the massive London Underground advertising contract that’s back on track after a major derailment…

There aren’t many i...
CBS 4 sheet advertising on the london underground, Pete Davis
Andy Sutherden
By Andy Sutherden  //  Thu 16 Feb 2012

Before any case is presented for the defence and prosecution, let’s start with defining the term. The European Sponsorship Association (ESA) describes ambush marketing as “... any ...
Ambush marketing, Andy Sutherden getmemedia,com
Alex Marks
By Alex Marks  //  Mon 30 Jan 2012

The growth of online retailing is to exceed bricks and mortar for at least the next five years, with retail’s imminent future being a blending of online, mobile and offline. In this new ...
Amazon Logo, Alex Marks
Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Wed 4 Jan 2012

Kraft’s European vice president of marketing, Daryl Fielding, was recently quoted as saying “don’t forget customer needs in the rush to digital”, and for me this serves...
Facebook like, Pete Davis
Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Fri 25 Nov 2011

Since the UK riots over the summer, brand marketing has found itself increasingly thrust under the spotlight and its ethics called into question. Undoubtedly, as a discipline, it does have a m...
Is brand marketing damaging our society? Pete Davis
Pete Davis
By Pete Davis  //  Thu 29 Sep 2011

Traditionally, with brand owners, media buying has been built on a three-way relationship between the brands themselves, media owners and media agencies. However, with the arrival of various p...

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