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Special Features Special Features are an encapsulation of advertising media routes and target markets

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This time we asked the Periodical Publisher's Association (PPA) to tell us about magazine advertising and how it can be used across multiple platforms to engage with an audience.
Periodical Publisher's Association
Welcome! This time round our thought leader on Local Advertising Media - Local World - explains the importance of Local newspapers to positively connect brands with audiences to what is most important to them - where they live. Whilst social media has grown to be an important part of our lives, local media are still trusted to a much greater degree to find out what is happening in the local community and nationally. Read on to find out more...
Local advertising media
Welcome! This month we focus on connected TV advertising. This medium is rapidly growing in the UK and around the world enabling brands to engage in a variety of ways on the TV screen. We also highlight some exciting digital media ideas from a variety of media owners. Read on...
This month we spoke to Blackjack our Experiential Marketing partner. Experiential Marketing is a highly creative media channel bringing brands to life by creating experiences that are exciting, engaging, and immersive to provoke emotional responses for the consumer. Read on to find out more...
Despite tightening purse strings across the general retail sector, over recent years the luxury industry has flourished and is now set to experience further growth. This month we spoke to our luxury media sponsor Harrods Media Centre to find out more about affluent audiences and the advantages of advertising to them. Read on to find out more....
This month we highlight the ways that sponsorship can help you to achieve your business objectives. Our thought leader, Hill+Knowlton Strategies demonstrates how sponsorship can help raise brand awareness and enhance the brand among a relevant audience, advance commercial business development and build relationships both externally and internally. We have also selected some great sporting sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Read on to find out more...
Welcome! This time round our thought leader on Shopper Marketing - smp - explains the importance of influencing shopper purchase decisions close to the point-of-sale.
Welcome! This month we look at smart ideas under £250K to target youth, main shoppers and TV viewers. We also spoke to Publicis Blueprint who told us about Content Marketing...
Welcome! This time round we look at the key benefits of media barter. Make your budgets work harder and boost your audience reach. Find out more...
Welcome! This time round we take a look at Student Advertising. We bring you great insight from SubTV on how brands can really engage with this specific & hard to reach target audience. We also take a look at 3 other Media Owners who target students. Read on to find out more...
targetting students

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