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Mind the gap

By Toucan  //  Thu 16th July 2015
On the evening of 8th July, a 24-hour tube strike hit London, causing chaos for thousands of commuters who may not have been lucky enough to escape the office early enough in order to avoid the mad rush.

As with any major event in London, it didn’t take long for social media to jump on the band wagon and #TubeStrike was born.

With some quick thinking, reactive brands were able to stand out and create a buzz during the 24 hours, by offering Twitter content that was interesting, original and relevant.

Some of my favourite humorous responses or those who have simply taken advantage of the strike to gain presence, include:

No need for B.O. on the bus…

Not all tubes will let you down!

If you fancy walking…

Alternative transport option 1

If that fails, why not try one of these alternative transport suggestions from Innocent

Train for free…

If all else fails, get yourself a drink.

The tube strike has provided brands with a fantastic topic for discussion across their social media platforms – turning a negative experience for those affected into an opportunity to convey a relevant and engaging message, or at the very least put a smile on bewildered commuters' faces.

The use of social media has once again proved its importance in this ever-changing marketing environment and the brands who can adapt quickly and react in a positive manner to real time events, are emerging as winners.

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