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Interview: Vanessa Andreis Director of Promotions UK Warner Bros. Entertainment UK

Kelsey Martin
By Kelsey Martin  //  Mon 28th July 2014
Vanessa Andreis tells us about the next thing in Entertainment Brand Partnerships and how she got into the industry.

What was your first job?

Management Trainee at Electro-components PLC in London then Milan 

Favourite campaign?
Most recently our Lego Ad Break, in partnership with BT, Premier Inn, BHF and promoting the release of the Lego Movie earlier this year. 
The Hamlet Cigar and the Cadbury Gorilla ads are two of my all time favourites  

Best piece of career advice you have been given?
Be passionate about what you do, give more than expected - go that extra mile and add more value and always treat people the way you would like to be treated

How did you get into the industry?
I always wanted to work within the film industry and whilst working in a marketing agency on the European Sony Pictures account, it seemed the perfect match and I eventually ended  joining Sony Pictures UK division and then 10 years ago joining Warner Bros.   

Best industry resource?

What is involved in getting the right partners on board and ensuring a good fit? 
The best partnerships are those where the same principles and target audience are shared by our film/TV/video game positioning and brand equity, it all then falls into place naturally into a fully integrated campaign     

How soon into the film/TV/video game making process is this considered?
Usually we would start discussions with partners 12 months prior to the release of the film, this ensures that all marketing be it media to retail is planned in advance and fits within the brand’s objectives

What’s the next big thing in entertainment brand partnerships?
Integrating content more and more within the brands’ campaign as exclusives and/or added value to reward the consumers and to appeal to the consumer journey in a more exciting way 

Favourite pub?
Red Lion and Sun in Highgate

What did you want to be when you grew up…?

Where do you holiday?
In the Alps skiing in the winter and combining sun/beach and golf in the summer  

Read more about Entertainment Brand Partnerships from Warner Bros.  

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