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Focus on: Media Barter

There is a lot of buzz about media barter, but what is it and how does it work? We ask the experts at Astus.

In tough economic times all businesses are under pressure to come up with innovative ways to deliver business efficiencies and make budgets work harder.

Media barter offers a smart way for brand advertisers and media owners to trade without having to pay 100% in cash for what they want to buy.

Advertisers ranging from SMEs to large multinationals use media barter to boost their media budgets and audience reach. In the UK alone it is worth between £250m-£300m and it's growing.

Media barter works by allowing brand advertisers to use their goods and services to part pay for the media they want. Similarly media owners use media barter to trade some of their airtime/ad space to part fund the goods and services they need.

Astus media barter

Astus is the UK's biggest media barter company and we work with over 100 clients. We trade with over 200 media owners in the UK and Europe to facilitate media barter deals. Now in our tenth year, we have pioneered a risk free approach to media barter which has helped barter become an integral part of part of the media plan for companies of all sizes.

We know that advertisers want to protect the prices their media agencies work hard for. The way we work ensures that the prices, the media strategy and the scope of media the agency recommends, remain the same as they would without media barter. Our clients and their agencies are in control at all times. Our aim is simply to help clients optimise their budgets without spending more cash. has a selection of case studies and ideas to suit every campaign. Login and start searching today!
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