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Focus on: How to target students

targetting students

The Student Market

When advertising to students, you are dealing with a techno savvy audience who are the youth of today, and the faces of tomorrow. They manage to spend on average £6,000 annually giving a total spend of over £14 billion per year. They are just embarking on adult life and developing new communities, interests and consumption patterns.    

Students favourite leisure interest is music. Going to see gigs, downloading their favourite artist tracks and discussing the latest music fashions is high on their agenda.

99% of students own a mobile with an average monthly spend of  £52 and claim this is the only thing they cannot live without (42% have two mobiles). The ability to access the internet on the go is the main reason for owning a phone.

18 to 24's and specifically students are three times as likely to go to the cinema than your average person. In fact this group spend an average of £200 per month on going out and socialising.

Audience Facts & Figures:
•    There are 1.9 million students aged between 18-24 years old in the UK.
•    Students spend an average of 6.3 hours socialising with their friends every day.
•    36% of 18-24 year olds never watch TV.
•    Students are very light 'live' TV viewers (spending less than 2.5 hours per week).
Subtv operate in over 85 universities within the UK and run a digital screen network that  communicates with this audience on a daily basis.

How is it bought?

•    Subtv is a flexible medium which can be bought by day, time, week, region or nationally.
•    Guaranteed 16-24 TVR delivery
•    TV adverts aren't Ofcom regulated so there is no penalty for longer length TV adverts
•    Subtv offer very short lead times
•    16-24 CPT as low as £9
•    A relaxed/social environment where consumers will discuss with their peers communications they are exposed to

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