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Focus on: Great Ideas under £250k & Content Marketing

Content Marketing by Publicis Blueprint

Content marketing is one of the best performing marketing disciplines and continues to outgrow other media channels.

Publicis Blueprint tells us just how content marketing works....

Content marketing is a great way to get much more value from your budgets and is one of the best performing marketing disciplines, continuing to outgrow other media channels. Marketers can clearly see the value of content, and their budgets are reflecting this. It now accounts for 21% of marketing budgets, with that figure set to rise over the next 12 months, according to the Content Marketing Association (CMA).

Editorialised content marketing is not only a powerful and effective way to reach your audience, it is also an extremely versatile tool in the marketer's armoury as both a standalone channel or as a complementary medium within an integrated campaign. It is also proven to work across all sectors from retail and travel through to public sector and B2B.

Key Features and Benefits

Loyalty - a third of all readers of editorialised branded content agree they feel more committed to a brand after reading.

Deeper, more meaningful engagement - CMA research has shown that readers spend an average of 25 minutes with a customer magazine, with the majority (57%) reading half or more of the content. The CMA estimates that the average engagement time for a content marketing title is 25 minutes, which compares with 30 seconds looking at a TV ad and 8 seconds looking at an outdoor ad.

Improves customer trust - Royal Mail research has discovered that over three quarters (78%) of the UK's most trusted brands publish a customer magazine as part of their integrated customer communications strategy. Organisations such as Boots, Tesco, Aviva and British Gas were all recently named the country's top trusted brands within their respective categories in the Readers Digest annual survey, and all of whom regularly publish a customer title.

Provides a purchase mind-set - Consumers are more likely to consider purchases when engaged with content marketing. Over 1 in 2 content marketing consumers say it has a positive impact upon purchase decisions and 72% of content marketing consumers feel they are more likely to consider purchases when reading compared to non-branded content. 59% are more likely to notice products and promotions in a magazine produced by a brand compared to a single advert in a 'normal' magazine.

Drives recognition - 80% of content marketing consumers recommend brands to others thereby extending the footprint of the activity.

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Great Ideas Under 250k:

Target TV Viewers: Sponsor Documentaries on Sky 1 HD Sky 1 HD are offering advertisers the opportunity to sponsor their collection of informative & compelling documentaries - set to stir up lots of interest & excitement.   

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Target Youth: Advertise on The Ultimate Clubbing App The Luminar Group
The largest nightclub operator in the UK has launched its new APP targeting 18-25 year old clubbers & students. Get involved with this exciting opportunity.

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Target Main Shoppers: Asda Media Centre - Car Park Package
The Asda Car Park package targets 18 million shoppers per week across all Asda stores and brings brands to front of mind prior to making buying decisions in store. Develop bespoke campaigns and become a crucial part of the consumer journey.
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