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Focus on: Luxury Media & Christmas Ideas

Harrods : Luxury Media

Harrods is the ultimate destination for luxury branded merchandise. Harrods Media is a dedicated department providing a unique media proposition.

With luxury media the emphasis is on audience, luxury brands need to have a great understanding of their desirable customer and produce advertising that feels tailored and exclusive. The luxury customer is both tech and brand savvy, luxury brands need to consider the quality of their content in order to drive spend whilst considering market technology that is key to the brand experience. Digital ad spend across the sector is consequently on the rise, this has been driven by customer behaviour, and the rise of e and m-commerce.

Culturally, social status is very much still reflected in material belongings and volume of spending. For the audience, playing a predominant role in all luxury brand strategies technological innovation is key.

"A midst a global recession the luxury market grew by 7% in 2012"
Warc trends snapshot report: Meta-Luxury for New Elites

The media industry in general has been forced to evolve with the impact of digital affecting every medium. The concept of media integration and agencies providing more of a 360 approach to advertising strategy has become important. Furthermore the involvement of digital across all media platforms means that for brands it is becoming easier to track customer journey in more detail and measure ROI more effectively.

Data is the word on everyone’s lips; it is the core ingredient of any valid business model. The use of digital initiatives allows brands to accumulate realms of data about their customer and more personalized spending habits. This development is leading the way for luxury brands to introduce more uniquely tailored services, rewards that work purely for individuals and in particular more elite customers. These data driven ideas are eradicating the pointless loyalty schemes of the past and paving the way for new loyalty programs that actually add value to customer’s experience of the brand.

Harrods media centre provide a number of opportunities and solutions for advertisers to target an affluent audience. 

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Christmas Ideas

Partner with the world renowned brand The Snowman
Reach your key consumers and connect with families at Christmas by partnering with The Snowman and The Snowdog.
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Sponsor the Skate Ice Rink at Somerset House
Access an influential trendsetting audience over the key marketing period to help drive Christmas sales and associate your brand with a prestigious event and one of London's most loved winter activities. 
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CASE STUDY: Lakeside's Living Christmas Fairy
Challenged with generating noise for Lakeside Shopping Centre in the run up to the busy Christmas season, Clarion placed a real life Christmas Fairy - aka Chantelle Houghton (ex Big Brother, Essex girl) - on top of Lakeside's 50ft outdoor Christmas tree. 
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