CASE STUDY: Mattessons use radio to drive brand consideration

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Mattessons use radio position the brand as an ingredient for a variety of meal solutions at key times of the day.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

The pork sausage market is mature and long established, but in 2009 Mattesson's decided to increase sales by getting consumers to reconsider their Smoked Pork Sausages by positioning the brand as an ingredient for a variety of meal solutions. On the back of nationwide TV campaign, radio was added in Scotland and measurement projects were set in place to gauge the effect of the radio campaign. Radio was able to reach the food-buying target audience closer to the point of purchase, and at times of the day when meal plans were being considered.

What was the Campaign Objective?

Increase sales

What was the Solution?

The radio campaign ran in Scotland over three months, to dovetail with and extend the life of the nationwide TV campaign. The radio creative work was strongly allied to the TV advertising, focusing on the role of the brand as an ingredient in imaginative meal solutions.

What were the Results?

By the end of the campaign, 64% of Scottish shoppers saw Mattesson's Smoked Pork Sausages as either the first choice brand, or a brand that was seriously considered, this was up 10% on the previous year. They also saw the brand as more versatile than ordinary sausages (63% compared to 50%).

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

"Using radio to maintain a high frequency of meal suggestions following our TV campaign really drove reappraisal of SPS as an all purpose tasty ingredient - our purchase frequency over the campaign period was impressive" Francois Boulard, Mattesson's. RAB Commentary: An impressive result to achieve in such a mature market.

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BudgetReach & FrequencyTarget AudienceMedia Used
Contact for detailsFood-buyers at times when meals were being considered
All adultsFemale
Main Shopper
Campaign LocationCampaign DurationMarketing ObjectiveCampaign Type
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