RESEARCH: Newspapers drive drinks sales

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Regular newspaper readers spend significantly more on drinks in the pre-Christmas period than the heaviest third of TV viewers.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

The strengths of newspapers for drinks brand advertisers appeared not to be clearly understood. Especially in the run-up to Christmas, drinks brand advertising tended to focus on TV and outdoor, while retailers concentrate more of their drinks advertising on newspapers.

What was the Campaign Objective?

To understand the correlation between newspaper reading and drinks purchasing, especially in the four weeks before Christmas but also for the rest of the year. To understand the different purchasing behaviour of readers of the three newspaper types - "Quality", Mid-market and "Popular". To investigate the potential for newspapers working with TV for drinks brands.

What was the Solution?

The NMA analysed TNS Worldpanel data for the four weeks to Christmas 2007 to study: 1) The drinks purchasing behaviour of regular newspaper readers against an equal number of the heaviest commercial TV viewers, roughly a third of the sample. 2) The spending by drink type and by supermarket of regular readers of "Quality", Mid-market and "Popular" newspaper readers. The NMA also analysed BARB data for the TV delivery of 10 major brand advertisers over the same period and TGI data for 13 brands relating to newspaper readership and TV viewing.

What were the Results?

Regular newspaper readers outspent the heaviest third of TV viewers on drinks in the pre-Christmas period in wines (by 35%), spirits (6%) and beers (2%).The gap was substantial in sub-categories such as gin (55%), whisky (23%), brandy (32%), red and white wine (48% and 40%) fortified wine (47%) and ale (28%). Per capita spending by regular newspaper readers was ahead of the heaviest TV viewers in most retailers. TV delivery tended not to keep pace with the frantic final few pre-Xmas shopping days.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

National newspapers are an under-used resource for drinks brands. Different newspaper types have different strengths for different drinks product categories. Newspapers can complement TV in a drinks campaign by connecting with light TV viewers and with more upmarket, male and southern consumers. Outside the pre-Christmas rush, regular newspaper readers continue to outspend the heaviest TV viewers on drinks all the year round. As an adult medium, newspapers are a responsible choice for drinks advertising. The newspaper audience is engaged and receptive.

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