CASE STUDY: Google experiential tour brings Android to life

Provided by Wonder
To build Android brand awareness in the UK, Google asked WONDER to create a disruptive activation to support their ATL campaign.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

WONDER designed and produced a family of life-size Androids for Google and took them to the most marvellous and unexpected locations around the UK. The key to the effectiveness of this activation relied on us being able to place the Android's at a mix of 'everyday' and landmark locations. WONDER's designers had fun creating and crafting the characters. Whilst their logistics team worked up the details of the Android Tour. They carefully researched a blend of pre-hired venues and guerrilla locations - that had high footfall but were not too commercial.

What was the Campaign Objective?

WONDER's activation formed part of a Google's much bigger ATL campaign to raise brand awareness around Android - to drive visitors to the website and to social media.

What was the Solution?

Google's Android's appeared up and down the country - seemly out and about enjoying the real world. Tower Bridge, Ben Nevis, Edinburgh Castle, The Giant's Causeway, Old Trafford, Cardiff's Millennium Stadium and Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland were just some of the famous places where the Androids made an appearance. In total WONDER designed and produced 26, 3D Androids. They also managed the complex logistics of the tour.

What were the Results?

Google's family of Androids made the public smile. They drove website traffic and sparked an online conversation on social media at #androidify.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

WONDER enjoyed collaborating with the client team as well as Google's ABL agency. They worked to tight deadlines and successfully managed and negotiated product placements at 21 locations across the UK.

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