CASE STUDY: Starbucks rewards customers in store and via mobile

Provided by Contagious Communications Ltd.
Starbucks mimics Chinese calendar and rewards activities with in-store offerings

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?

Traditionally, Chinese calendars guide the lives of the Chinese by predicting auspicious days for travelling, weddings and so on. Starbucks in China used this local tradition and launched a daily-offerings calendar leading up to Chinese New Year which rewarded consumers for carrying out their recommended daily tasks.

What was the Campaign Objective?

Eugene Chew, director of digital strategy at JWT Shanghai commented: 'We were looking for a way to bring some Starbucks cheer and innovation to the Chinese New Year festival. Using tongue-in-cheek online humour and scenes from modern Chinese urban life, we produced original daily illustrations and witty wordplay inspired by Starbucks'

What was the Solution?

The Daily Goodness Calendar literally recommended 'a good thing to do' for every day, e.g., visiting relatives or meeting with friends.This tapped into the tradition of the Chinese calendar, which suggests suitable days for occasions such as weddings, moving house or bringing in the harvest.

What were the Results?

The 30-day calendar, promoted on mobile messaging platform WeChat Sina Weibo, linked to in-store activities where participants received discounts when they could prove they had completed that day's task. On Valentine's Day, for instance, people were rewarded for kissing in-store.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?

According to JWT, Shanghai, the campaign generated more than 100 million impressions on Sina Weibo, while some of the promotions outperformed Starbucks' average benchmark by 1000%.

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