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Radio Advertising


QTR 3 2024



At a Glance

Britain Loves Radio

Radio – the broadcast linear flow of curated, predominantly live, presenter-led music and speech based audio entertainment – is now part of a much wider audio ecology.

Before the audio revolution, there used to be two choices for listeners – live radio or your personally-owned music collection.


Now, with the rise of new audio formats such as podcasts and streamed music services, listeners have more options than ever before. The rise of multiple-function mobile devices (formally known as phones) and the fact that audio content is “device neutral” for the most part, means that people can listen to almost anything, anywhere, and at any time.

Britain’s love of radio means that the medium wields incredibly powerful emotional influence for advertiser brands.

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Hot Topics


Getting Vocal

How voice-activated devices are increasing radio listening & elevating audio branding.

Many people have experimented with voice-activated assistants such as Siri and Cortana since they were first introduced in 2011, but the screen has remained the predominant interface for the devices on which they are found. Getting Vocal, co-funded with Radioplayer and Global, set out to capture a UK perspective on ownership and usage of screen-less voice-activated devices, explore their impact on radio listening, and consider how brands might adapt to an increasingly voice-activated future.

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Radio: The Brand Multiplier

This study uses theories presented in Byron Sharp’s How Brands Grow to reveal compelling new evidence about radio’s ability to drive strategic brand growth. The findings reveal that audio plays an important and distinct role in enhancing the brand level effects of advertising and offer some practical guidance for advertisers seeking to optimise these effects.

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