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Media Update:

Programmatics by TubeMogul


QTR 3 2024



At a Glance

What does programmatic mean?

The simple explanation of programmatic is: the use of software to buy and sell digital ad impressions without human intervention. In practice, this encompasses two main concepts:  

  • Buying digital ad impression via automated mechanism
  • Buying digital ad impression via real-time auction (RTB)

For Brand marketers, programmatic offers greater efficiency, effectiveness and transparency than traditional digital media buying. With programmatic, you can streamline your buying process with access to cross-device inventory on both open and private exchanges, all through one platform. In addition to increased efficiency, programmatic helps marketers measure campaign effectiveness in real-time enabling marketers to optimise based on data driven decisions. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, by using a platform to buy media programmatically, advertisers are in full control of their ad spend. Marketers can turn sites on and off based on performance metrics because they can see where their campaigns are running and how they are performing in real time compared to a list of where they could run. Programmatic is a powerful tool for advertisers enabling them to take control of their marketing dollars online.

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Hot Topics

Brands Turn To Programmatic:

Lots of high profile brands have recently declared they’re planning to shift their advertising efforts over to programmatic buying. The four primary drivers are:

1.Significant workflow efficiencies / Speed – nobody knows your market better or can react faster than you can  

2.Substantial cost savings in the 1st year

3.Control – Transparency and control across all data, reporting and metrics, from bidstream data to brand safety, from 1st party to 3rd party data analysis, synching and to CRM data onboarding

4.On-the-fly adjustment and optimisation

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Advantage of Going Programmatic

1. Increased Granularity

 Evaluate on impression-by-impression basis and pay for what it’s really worth

2. Deeper Transparency

 Be closer to the impression, understand costs and optimise with greater precision

3. Greater Fluidity

Pull levers and change budgets fluidly in response to performance

4. Improved Efficiency

Realise significant cost savings based on the real value of the impression you buy

5. Direct Control

 Campaign Management is at your fingertips- track key metrics and monitor budgets in real-time


TubeMogul - Who we are

TubeMogul is a media buying software that enables brands to simplify their media buys across digital video, TV, display and social media. TubeMogul focused on helping Brands reach and persuade audiences to buy their product.  The TubeMogul software helps Brands to do this and overcome several challenges they have been facing:

  1. Reaching their video audience across multiple video devices – from TV, Desktop, Smart Phones and Tablets
  2. Help them plan, buy and measure digital video the same simple way as TV on a GRP
  3. Help them verify that they reached their audience and measure whether they achieved their brand objectives
  4. Protect their brand equity.  TubeMogul want to make sure Brands run on contextually relevant safe sites, and making sure they are only buying video.
  5. Finally, BrandLift. Help Brands to understand the effectiveness of their ad at driving brand metrics like awareness, favourability & purchase intent

Viewability/Open VV

We believe that the industry is going to need a standard  viewability method. In 2013, we started an industry coalition (along side of our industry partners) and released some code as open source that allows the detection of non-viewable ads. We think it’s more important to help solve this problem for the industry and make digital more appealing to brand advertisers in general than keep the technology for ourselves.

Comprehensive Transparency

 Every brand should ask to get visibility on every aspect of their digital video buy. Economic: Understand the fees & Margins Site: Performance and insight at the site level Audience: Nielsen-verified audience delivery Viewability: 11 metrics available at the site level Safety: Brand Safety technology and robust fraud protection

Key things to know

 Inventory Availability grows as quality decreases. Inventory quality decreases as availability grows. Mastering the inventory and data is very important.

2.  Video ads - In stream or In banner

Video is synonymous with pre-roll as it’s the closest to TV in terms of user journey. It’s important to recognise that video can take many different forms.

  • In-stream often just called ‘pre roll, mid-roll or post-roll and shows up before content video.
  • In-banner  is a video ad that served in ”300X250” display banner.

Sometimes a brand advertiser attempts to buy large, premium pre-roll spots, but unknowingly receive small in-banner ads that just don’t perform as well. These placements are typically on low-quality sites or hidden where most viewers would never see them. TubeMogul therefor filter by player size and banner to ensure advertisers are running on premium video inventory, or paying a low effective price for low value small player / in banner video inventory.

3. Build your measurement framework

 Digital is the most over-measured medium and we can record tons of data points but you need to establish the metrics that actually matter to your specific campaign and/or brand objectives. Tends to be easier for DR advertisers where there success goals are typically accessible and responsive. For example a brochure request. It can be more challenging with brand advertisers e.g. changing perception so you need to figure out the KPIs that are most likely going to drive that success goal e.g. VTR, CTR? Every client is different but we think about it in terms of a pyramid, building upon a base set of metrics:


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