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Newsbrands Advertising Marketplace Summary


QTR 3 2024



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New research calls on advertisers to put their ad spend into quality rather than quantity

 Newsworks launches its research ‘Mental availability in the digital age’, together with research and strategy company house51.

Denise Turner, Newsworks’ insight director, and Ian Murray, house51’s co-founder, presented the study to an audience of marketers and media professionals in Manchester.

The study demonstrates how crucial it is for brands to build ‘mental availability’ – the ability of a brand to register on a customer’s mental radar – to encourage people to buy a product/service. 

To do this, consumers need to experience brands in trusted, quality environments. This is where journalism comes in, as it offers advertisers this at scale.

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New research calls on advertisers to put their ad spend into quality rather than quantity



Industry leaders come together to discuss fight against fake news

The World Media Group’s ‘The Rise of Populism’ panel was a response to questions on fakes news and how to keep public trust in established news companies.

The panellists called on the industry to push for transparency and reliability for both news consumers and advertisers alike. 

With more consumers and public figures becoming sceptical towards digital platforms’ capacity to provide reliable information, “the game is really up for the platforms” said Forbes’ Alex Wood. “[With] the capacity they have to influence opinion and to change the world, they have to be held to the same standards”.

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“Where your brand is seen matters more than ever,” new research reveals

Today Newsworks launches a white paper together with research and strategy company house51, exploring the psychology behind consumer decision-making in an online world.

The research shows how crucial it is for consumers to encounter brands in the right context and how journalism can provide marketers with people’s undivided attention. Beyond brand awareness, mental availability is how a brand registers on a customer’s mental radar. 

News brands’ trusted, information-rich environments mean that journalism can play a fundamental role in creating mental availability in a crowded media environment – in an era of digital commerce.

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What is it?

From newspapers to newsbrands

Newspapers are still the core part of the overall newsbrand. They still account for the bulk of the time consumers spend with a newsbrand.

But a newsbrand encompasses all the platforms where the content is accessed by consumers, including online, apps, mobile, email, social, events... (and more as they develop of course)

To some extent, consumers don’t care about the platform where they are getting the content. What they do care about though are the brand values of that content.


The Same Editorial Source: Different Distribution

How Does it Work?

Readers experience a powerful sense of connection to 'their' newspaper and actively seek out information and entertainment in a medium they trust.

Reading the paper creates a sense of peace and quiet that allows for the reader's full attention and engagement so information is absorbed to a greater degree than other media.

This high level of involvement increases both processing and influence of the message (a).

All this is good for advertisers because, as adman Howard Luck Gossage remarked, people read what interests them and sometimes it’s an ad.

(a) Cognitive Neuroscience, Marketing & Research, Page & Raymond 2006

Key Features & Benefits

Top reasons for using newspapers...

Newsbrands drive sales?
In over 30 newspaper effectiveness tests carried out by Millward Brown and dunnhumby, newspapers are shown to consistently drive brand sales: by 7% across all newspaper readers and by 12% among those who saw a newspaper ad 3 times or more.

Newsbrands increase brand penetration?
Martin Hayward, Director of Consumer Strategy and Futures at dunnhumby said “Newspapers increase sales by driving new customers into the brand and multiple exposures lead to stronger effects”  In fact, over the broad spread of effectiveness tests, newspapers increased brand users by 7% over the duration of the test activity.

Emotional connection?
In over 30 newspaper effectiveness tests carried out by Millward Brown and Dunnhumby, newspapers consistently drive brand sales: by 7% across all newspaper readers and by 12% among those who saw a newspaper ad 3 times or more.

Brand reappraisal?
Newspapers are effective at driving brand reappraisal.  Across the 18 Effectiveness tests undertaken by Millward Brown, newspapers increased brand reappraisal from an average 56% (TV alone) to 75% for newspapers plus TV.

Sharing our emotions The Sun captures the mood of the nation

Inspiring action?
When newspapers ask their readers to get involved, they do.  The Evening Standard’s dispossessed campaign raised over £6m in reader donations and when the Sun ran a campaign to make the Social Workers in the Baby P case accountable, 1.3m people signed the petition.  Newspapers holds a mirror up to how readers feel about life.  This creates trust, and this trust extends to advertising appearing in newspapers.

Editorial context is a benefit to advertisers
Food, film, sport, health, finance, relationships and travel: just a few of the many topics that newspapers cover every week.  This rich editorial blend provides advertisers with abundant opportunity to place ads in a relevant context.  And research tells us that placing ads in a relevant newspaper context heightens reader interest and attention.

News brands drive audiences online?
Newsworks Effectiveness research for brands as diverse as Toyota Yaris, Philadelphia and CapitalOne, proved newspapers highly efficient in driving traffic to advertisers’ own web sites.

Newsbrands are flexible and lends themselves to topicaly
Short copy deadlines – in most cases you can book the previous working day – makes newspapers and online titles, ideal for brands that want to react quickly to events.

Key Audience Strength

Even among younger audiences

Readers revisit their paper several times a day

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