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Customer Engagement Insight


QTR 1 2023



At a Glance

Today’s digitally-connected consumers are primed to comparison shop, making it challenging to drive repeat purchase & on-going customer engagement.

We believe shoppers should feel rewarded for loyal behaviour. By encouraging smarter shopping decisions, we’re helping our partners prosper & their customers feel valued.

We’re driven by a desire to discover different & better ways to make the shopping experience more rewarding for retailers & customers alike.

Webloyalty’s market-leading reward platforms deliver customer value through a breadth of relevant rewards and shopping benefits while generating secondary revenue for businesses.

By making customer interactions more rewarding and valuable, we encourage loyal behaviours and increase the value and frequency of their transactions for our partners.

We do this with an incentive cycle; by using action, time and value-based cashback incentives to influence customer behaviour, while also providing our partners with a valuable referral commission.

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Smarter Engagement, Simply Delivered

By encouraging smarter shopping decisions with on-going incentives and rewards we create more meaningful shopper interactions that drive deeper connections, and monetise loyal customers.

Our latest research reports produce shopper intelligence insights that delivers results, relevance and optimisation.


How Does it Work?

We offer a wide range of solutions from turnkey to tailored, online to in-store, partners trust us to target the right incentive, to the right customers at the right time.

Whether partners choose a simple add-on solution or a deeper level of integration, we work seamlessly within online retail businesses, and start earning those businesses additional revenue in as little as 30 minutes.

We measure success with a balance between meeting customer objectives and business goals. i.e. our API can turn cashback into a personalised partner incentive that triggers behaviour and rewards the customer, driving repeat transactions and customer satisfaction.

Last year, our rewards platform improved average order value by 30%, increased frequency of purchase to 4 times per month and generated over £30m in referral commission for our partners.

Key Features and Benefits

We enable partners to create commercial incentives that are not commercially viable without our partnership. We turn customer commission into incentives that margin alone can’t cover. This enables them to create personal offers that drive more valuable behaviour.

Our turnkey solution is our ready-to-go rewards platform that drives secondary revenue from the retailer’s confirmation page.

Our White Label solution enables partners to adopt any of our customer engagement solutions as their own – connecting their customers across all touchpoints from online to in-store, locally and overseas, with one seamlessly and consistently branded experience.

Our Bespoke API solutions enable our partners to offer their own rewards programme as an extension of their business, powered by Webloyalty. Using a tailored approach, partners can optimise their customer’s experience to achieve even better outcomes.

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About Webloyalty

Webloyalty was established in the UK in 2007, and has since expanded into France, Spain, Brazil, Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium.

To help support the company’s rapid growth and market expansion, Webloyalty centralised its operations in 2012, opening a European Centre of Excellence in Switzerland.

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